Clothing Moth Fumigation

September 21, 2011 § 7 Comments

Over the course of the year pest control fumigations have dramatically increased in popularity across Eastern Connecticut. Just a few days ago we completed a fumigation to rid a house of common clothes moths. Many people are familiar with this insect for destroying carpets, clothing and any other fabric substances. Most people try to eliminate these insects by stashing their closets or attics with infamous mothballs which might be slightly helpful but only in moderate cases.

At this fumigation, the couple living in the house had moth problems for quite a few years and finally they realized that the situation was getting out of control. Their sweaters, shirts and even a few old Oriental rugs were being completely destroyed and eaten. Many flying adult moths were also being seen throughout the entire home.

Upon a simple inspection, I determined that a tape and seal fumigation was absolutely necessary. Although the house wasn’t airtight, taping and sealing all of the large openings like windows and doors would be the best method of treatment. This type of fumigation also helped benefit these Connecticut homeowners since it’s more affordable than completely wrapping the building in plastic.

The Tape and Seal Fumigation with Windows and Doors Covered

Once everything was sealed and ready we used Vikane which is an excellent gas for eradicating clothes moths. In the photos you can see that the shooting lines, which put the gas into the house, were taken off of the floor for protection. The gas comes out at extremely cold temperatures and can actually leave damaging marks on floors. We also used certain safety precautions like placing monitoring lines into the home in order to check the gas levels and make sure that they weren’t too high or too low throughout the treatment process.

The Floor Protected by Gas Shooting Lines

More Gas Lines Coming Out of the Sealed Home

Overall the job turned out perfect and once again proves just how important and effective fumigations are for total pest elimination.

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